Understanding Your Thyroid 

Posted by Mary Beth TeSelle on 1/18/18 2:26 PM

January is National Thyroid Awareness Month – a great time to make sure your thyroid is healthy and functioning well.

Trouble sleeping, fluctuating weight, changes in mood… For most people, these problems become all too familiar as we age. Some of these changes may be related to lifestyle or changing hormones. But sometimes these symptoms can be a sign of a problem with your thyroid.

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Six Steps to Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Posted by Mary Beth TeSelle on 1/18/18 9:05 AM

Coughing, sneezing, sniffling – it’s cold and flu season and for most families, those symptoms have become all too familiar in recent weeks.

National experts are advising that this winter could be particularly brutal for influenza and respiratory illnesses. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help your family make it through the misery.

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Building a Better Relationship With Your Doctor

Posted by Mary Beth TeSelle on 1/17/18 10:25 AM

If the new year also means a new doctor for you and your family, be sure you take time now to establish a strong relationship with him or her. 

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Flu Season Q&A With Dr. John Martinez, East Woodland Urgent Care

Posted by Nichole Baxter on 1/11/18 12:04 PM

John Martinez, MD, is an urgent care physician with Woodland Clinic Medical Group seeing patients at the Dignity Health Medical Foundation East Woodland Urgent Care location. During a recent live interview, Dr. Martinez talked about this season's flu strain, tips for preventing the spread of the flu, the importance of the flu vaccine, and more.

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Q&A With Dr. Favila: Screen Time and Your Child's Health

Posted by Nichole Baxter on 12/11/17 3:19 PM

In this digital age, many children spend quite a bit of time in front of TVs, tablets, phones, and video games. Sarah Favila, MD, a pediatrician with Dignity Health Medical Foundation - Woodland and Davis, recently shared recommendations for parents who are concerned about their child's screen time. 

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