Men’s Health Month Series: Mental Health

Posted by Sarah Tyre on 6/16/22 9:23 AM

This June, we’re sharing insights from clinicians across Dignity Health Medical Groups on topics that are crucial to men’s health. Next, is Rudy Idrogo, an LMFT with Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group Behavioral Health.

Rudy discusses what men should know about their own mental health and what they can do to care for their mental well-being.

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How Parents and Caregivers Can Address Pediatric Pandemic Anxiety

Posted by Dignity Health Medical Group Staff on 2/11/22 6:57 PM

Serving as a caregiver to a child is one of the most important, rewarding and difficult roles one can have. Being a caregiver during a pandemic has made the role even more challenging. It goes without saying that the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have also been challenging for children and teens, especially as they navigate normal developmental milestones on top of challenges that may have been present prior to the pandemic.

Stephanie Parmely, Ph.D, a psychologist with Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group, answers common questions about anxiety in children and teens. Dr. Parmely identifies signs to watch out for, and actions that parents, guardians and/or caregivers can take to address issues.

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Clinician Approved Gifts For Kids

Posted by Sarah Tyre on 11/30/21 12:37 PM

Finding the perfect gift for each child on your list is no small feat. To help you make the best choices, we talked to three Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group child and adolescent psychiatrists about thoughtful, clinician-approved gifts for every child on your shopping list.

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Understanding Behavioral Health for You and Your Loved Ones

Posted by Dignity Health Medical Group Staff on 10/6/21 3:46 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our collective mental health. We’ve adjusted how we live life in many ways — from small habits like never leaving the house without hand sanitizer, to more significant changes, like missing out on lifetime celebrations. These changes have indeed impacted how we think and feel about ourselves and our world.

Most of us understand the idea of mental health, but this year for World Mental Health Day we asked Alexis Lyon-Claus, LMFT, behavioral health manager at Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group, to help explain behavioral health and share advice on what you and your loved ones can do to continue to navigate your mental health journeys through the pandemic.

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How a Dignity Health Clinician Makes Time for Family, Health and Her Career

Posted by Sarah Tyre on 5/7/21 3:10 PM

Today and every day, we celebrate mothers and mother figures in our lives and recognize the care they give to their families, their communities and their careers. This Mother’s Day, we asked Stephanie Parmely, PhD, a Behavioral Health Psychologist at Dignity Health Mercy Medical Group and mom, to weigh-in on how she navigates motherhood, her career and most importantly, self-care.

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