Get your Beauty Sleep without the Sleep Wrinkles!

Posted by Rosalee Shorter, PA-C on 10/30/14 1:00 PM

wrinkledogWe’ve all heard how important it is to get our beauty sleep but did you know that how you sleep can contribute to facial lines and wrinkles? 

We often see patients in the Mercy Medical Group Plastic Surgery and Laser Center with sleep lines on one side of their face and our providers are instantly able to tell who sleeps on their side! Continually sleeping on your side or with the incorrect pillow support can cause permanent lines on your face, neck and chest. The best solution is to train yourself to sleep on your back. Try sleeping with a pillow under your knees to help keep you from rolling over. If you must sleep on your side try sleeping with a body pillow to absorb some of the weight of your body to keep from pressing your face into your pillow. There are several beauty pillows on the market that are designed to protect your face against the wear and damage caused by normal pillows. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase reduces friction and creates less pull on the skin than normal pillowcases.

Try these tips and keep those sleep lines at bay!

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