Dignity Health Woodland Clinic Doctor Distributes Medical Supplies in Ukraine

Posted by Sarah Tyre on 3/14/22 12:41 PM

Our Dignity Health Medical Group physicians display brave acts of humankindness every day and often go above and beyond their call of caregiving. That is the case for Liana Turkot, MD, a physician with Dignity Health Woodland Clinic who’s commitment to care extends beyond borders.

Dr. Turkot has followed her calling to Ukraine, the country where she lived and practiced medicine for years, to deliver medical equipment and medications to Ukrainian and Polish hospitals and provide hands-on training to local care teams.

Woodland Memorial Hospital and Dignity Health Woodland Clinic added to the supplies by donating equipment, and several physicians have donated their own personal supplies.

“I’m here saving lives. I’m doing whatever I can do to help people suffer less,” said Dr. Turkot. “That’s why I went into medicine.”

If you would like to make a donation to help support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine, you can donate here.  

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  • Liana Turkot, MD with her son, Oleg Turkot, MD

    Liana Turkot, MD with her son, Oleg Turkot, MD

  • Medical Supplies

    Medical supplies being sorted to be distributed to a field hospital in Ukraine

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