Tips to Brighten Up Sleepy-Looking Eyes

Posted by Alison Carole, L.E. on 8/30/16 8:00 AM

We can’t always get the full eight hours of sleep we want. ali_tips.pngSometimes this leaves our eyes looking tired. Here are a few tips to brighten up even the most sleepy-looking eyes!

  • Apply a dot of Jane Iredale’s highlighter to the corner of your eyes (near the bridge of your nose) to reflect light and make the shadows appear wider and brightened.
  • Apply Jane Iredale’s white eyeliner pencil to your waterline and Lemon Lid Primer to your eyelid. This is the best way to combat red, bloodshot eyes.
  • Curl your eyelashes! Flat eyelashes make your eyes appear small and squinted; you must curl your lashes before applying mascara to achieve this wide-eyed look. Apply Jane Iredale’s lash conditioner for instant volume!
  • Wax and fill in your eyebrows, the defined shape of your brows determines the overall look of your face.
  • Apply Jane Iredale’s Active Light or Circle/Delete under Eye Concealer in a triangle shape extended downward and blend outward. This helps create a lifted appearance and makes your eyes look very awake.
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