The Top 5 Makeup Items you Should Always Have with You

Posted by Alison Carole, L.E. on 11/25/15 8:00 AM

Every girl should have a makeup bag makeup-bagwith her favorite products that she keeps in her purse. Here are the top 5 items you should always have with you:

Lip balm: A moisturizing lip balm that also has an SPF is crucial to keep with you year round. Favorite: Jane Iredale lip drink

Lip color: Whether it’s a pink, peach or red, a pop of color is perfect for those grey winter days.

Powder: Rain or shine you’ll need touchups throughout the day. Favorite: Jane Iredale refillable powder brush

Moisturizer: Face, hands, cuticles all benefit from keeping this in your bag year-round. Favorite: Elta MD Intense Moisturizer

Sun block: Cloudy skies don’t mean you can skip reapplying SPF throughout the day.

Schedule a makeup audit in our Skin Clinic and let our estheticians help you update your makeup bag!

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