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Posted by Sarah Tyre on 6/4/20 4:15 PM

Dr. CudahyWhile clinics remain open and safe for in-person visits, many conditions are suitable for virtual visits, allowing patients a safe and convenient option for receiving high-quality care when needed from the comfort of their home.

Through virtual visits, Ryan Cudahy, MD, a Family Medicine physician with Dignity Health Medical Foundation — Stonestown, was able to diagnose patients’ physical conditions, bringing them peace of mind.  

Two visits in particular stick out to Dr. Cudahy. The patients had very different conditions, but through virtual visits, they were able to receive the care they needed.

The first patient had accidentally cut into a shoulder lesion. Through the HIPAA compliant, video platform, Dr. Cudahy was able to provide a timely management strategy.

“This allowed the patient to avoid an unnecessary ER visit, but also gave them a sense of confidence about their treatment plan, knowing I was able to physically visualize their condition,” said Dr. Cudahy.

During the second visit, Dr. Cudahy was able to diagnose a patient with viral conjunctivitis (pink eye). Visual cues allowed the doctor to differentiate between viral and bacterial infection of the eyes.

 “Overall, the video chats have made it possible to reconnect with our community in a very unique and essential way,” said Dr. Cudahy.

Virtual visits are just one example of best practices and measures in place to ensure patient safety during this time. Dignity Health Medical Groups are ensuring patient safety, whether that be through an in-person visit or digitally.

In order to help prevent the spread of the virus, anyone experiencing mild symptoms associated with COVID-19 is a candidate for a virtual visit. If you’re experiencing shortness of breath, dry cough and a fever, it’s best to seek in-person medical care.

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