Five Tips to Avoid Foot and Ankle Injuries

Posted by Dana Cozzetto, DPM on 6/13/16 1:00 PM

When the weather heats up, more and more Ortho_Woman_Stretching.jpgpeople like to be active outdoors. But before you lace up your shoes and head outside, think about how you can be prepared with the right equipment and proper stretching. Here are five tips to help ensure you'll remain active and safe throughout the summer months!


  1. Do warm up exercises for your calf muscles and ankles before playing any sports. This includes balance training, stretching, and strengthening exercises.
  2. Wear supportive shoes when you play sports and do not wear sandals when playing pickup games. Not wearing supportive shoes is a leading cause of foot and ankle injuries in the summer. Purchasing over the counter inserts or having custom inserts made specifically for your feet can help with shock absorption and support.
  3. Wear socks with your shoes to prevent blisters and to keep your feet dry and cool. If you are prone to sweating, use a medicated foot powder to keep your feet dry or try moisture-wicking socks.
  4. Purchase new shoes or cleats if you are involved in competitive sports every season. Wearing old, worn out shoes can contribute to foot and ankle injuries. You may also want to break in any new shoes before you play competitive games to prevent blistering of the skin or foot pain.
  5. Gradually build up your activity level to decrease the risk of injury. If you have not participated in sports for decades and play a pick-up game with friends, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury.

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Dr. Dana Cozzetto is a podiatrist with Mercy Medical Group in Carmichael. She is board certified in podiatric medicine, foot and ankle surgery and specializes in tendinitis, bunions, fractures, and sports-related injuries. For more information about Dr. Cozzetto, click here:

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